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Welcome to the Cornell Department of Microbiology in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). Our department has eleven active research laboratories and is housed within a renovated Wing Hall, a 1912 classical revival building listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. We serve as the home department for the Graduate Field of Microbiology with >40 affiliated faculty members, and provide a center of expertise for numerous aspects of microbial biology.

Our faculty and staff have a primary responsibility for the teaching of microbiology to undergraduate including a popular introductory microbiology course (BioMI2900) and associated laboratory (BioMI2911). We also offer numerous advanced courses for both undergraduate and graduate level students.

Research within our department is focused on prokaryotic biology and environmental microbiology and includes specific expertise in:

  • molecular genetics
  • gene regulation
  • genomics
  • microbial cell biology
  • bioremediation
  • symbionts
  • pathogens
  • and ecosystems

Explore these pages and learn more about our research and teaching.

John D. Helmann
Chair, Department of Microbiology