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Applicants should have preparation in general chemistry at an intermediate level, organic chemistry, physics, and introductory courses in the biological sciences. Not having preparation in all of the areas does not preclude admission. Training in physical chemistry and calculus is desirable.

Applicants are required to submit GRE general test scores, but subject tests are not required.  Applicants must also arrange to have three letters of recommendation sent.  As part of their application students write a statement explaining why they are interested in pursing a PhD in Microbiology at Cornell University.  This statement should be tailored to Cornell’s Graduate Microbiology program.  While students should mention potential PhD advisors that they are particularly interested in working with, successful applicants are also generally those that show broad interests and a willingness to explore a variety of areas within the field of Microbiology at Cornell.

The Graduate program in Microbiology is competitive, but students accepted into the program get full tuition, student health insurance coverage, and a full stipend.  Questions about admissions can be directed to the Graduate Field Assistant, Tina Daddona.

Applications for admission to the Graduate Field of Microbiology are due by December 1st.  International applicants will need to demonstrate proficiency in English. Applications are processed online through the Cornell Graduate school admissions page. Apply now.

Cornell's institutional code for the TOEFL and GRE is 2098.