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Students matriculating into the Graduate Field of Microbiology complete the following courses during their first academic year:

Students in the second year in the program and beyond continue with the following courses:

In the Field of Microbiology students must receive a grade of B- or higher in a class to have it count as completed.

Minor field requirements will be identified by the minor advisors on the student's special committee and are completed during the second year in the program. The admission to candidacy exam (A-exam) should be completed by the end of the 5th semester of residence.

Graduate students in other fields interested in minoring in Microbiology - Minor requirements are under the discretion of the minor advisor, but typically involve 6 credits of Microbiology courses at or above the 4000 level including completion, for grade, of at least 3 credits of the BIOMI 6901-6906 modules.