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Graduate students (PhD candidates) in the Graduate Field of Microbiology must teach for at least one semester. However, many students teach 2 or more semesters, depending on the requirements of their advisor and their financial support. Some students choose to teach their first year, while students with support may teach later in their career. The most common teaching assistantship is for the General Microbiology Lecture and Lab courses.

TA training includes a weekly discussion of topics in pedagogy, such as: backwards design, developing learning objectives, different assessment methods, Bloom’s taxonomy and writing good questions, using grading rubrics, active learning, facilitating a group discussion, etc.

Additional Options for More Teaching Experience

  • BIOMI 2900:  Many graduate students act as group leaders for small group discussions in the BioMI 2900 course. Three times a semester, students meet in small groups to do an in-class activity, which graduate students facilitate.
  • BIOMI 2920: General Microbiology Discussion
  • BIOMI 7960: Current Topics in Microbiology

Multiple courses and programs on teaching are available each year.