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Seminar Speakers for Spring 2019

January 24-Ankur Dalia, Assistant Prof, Indiana Unviersity

February 21-Microbiology Graduate Students: Shannon Murphy and Rachael Fieweger

February 28-Microbiology Graduate Student: Peter Diebold

March 7-Jun Zhu, Associate Prof, University of Pennsylvania

March 14-Microbiology Graduate Students: Anna Weaver and Monique Theriault

March 21- Microbiology Graduate Students: Kalia Bistolas and Elliot Jackson

March 28-Microbiology Graduate Students: Stacey Heaver and Jingqiu Liao

April 11-Microbiology Graduate Students: Alexa Cohn and Shan-Chi Hsieh

April 18-Microbiology Graduate Students: Myfanwy Adams and Alberto Correa

April 25-Microbiology Graduate Students: Trevor Cross and Imperio Real

May 2-Microbiology Graduate Students: Sean Murphy and Hao Zhou