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Journal Club

Cornell R3 Group Journal Club Schedule

The Cornell DNA Replication, Recombination, and Repair Group Journal Club meets at 11:00am in Weill Hall, Room 421.  We welcome new members to enter the rotation!

03.08.19 Diego Dibitetto (Smolka Lab) - HMCES Maintains Genome Integrity by Shielding Abasic Sites in Single-Strand DNA
03.22.19 Bert Correa (Peters Lab) - Bacteria-to-Human Protein Networks Reveal Origins of Endogenous DNA Damage
04.05.19 Beata Mackenroth (Alani Lab) - Structures and operating principles of the replisome
04.19.19 Ethan Sanford (Smolka Lab) - G-quadruplex DNA drives genomic instability and represents a targetable molecular abnormality in ATRX-deficient malignant glioma
05.10.19* Chris Furman (Alani Lab) - TRAIP is a master regulator of DNA interstrand crosslink repair
06.07.19 Carolline Ascenção (Smolka Lab) - UBQLN4 Represses Homologous Recombination and Is Overexpressed in Aggressive Tumors
06.21.19 Eric Alani - DNA sequence homology induces cytosine-to-thymine mutation by a heterochromatin-related pathway in Neurospora.
07.19.19 Mike Petassi (Peters Lab) - RNA-guided DNA insertion with CRISPR-associated transposases
08.02.19 Vitor Faca and Stephanie Vega (Smolka Lab) - Network rewiring of homologous recombination enzymes during mitotic proliferation and meiosis
08.16.19 Gianno Pannafino (Alani Lab) - Mismatch repair impedes meiotic crossover interference
08.30.19 Jennie Sims (Smolka Lab) - EXD2Protects Stressed Replication Forks and Is Required for Cell Viability in the Absence of BRCA1/2
09.13.19 Lisette Payero (Alani Lab) - Persistent DNA-break Potential Near Telomeres Increases Initiation of Meiotic Recombination on Short Chromosomes
09.27.19 Shan-Chi "Popo" Hsieh (Peters Lab) - A Bacterial DNA Repair Pathway Specific to a Natural Antibiotic
10.11.19 Diego Dibitetto (Smolka Lab) - DNA Polymerase Delta Synthesizes Both Strands during Break-Induced Replication
10.25.19 Michael Gioia (Alani Lab) - Unresolved Recombination Intermediates Cause a RAD9-Dependent Cell Cycle Arrest in Saccharomyces cerevisae
11.08.19 Shannon Marshall (Smolka Lab) 53BP1 Enforces Distinct Pre- and Post-resection Blocks on Homologous Recombination.
11.22.19 Christopher Furman (Alani Lab) Synergistic Coordination of Chromatin Torsional Mechanics and Topoisomerase Activity
12.06.19 Ethan Sanford (Smolka Lab) ATR Protects Genome against R Loops though a MUS81-Triggered Feedback Loop
01.10.20 Bert Correa (Peters Lab) Search-and-Replace Genome Editing without Double Strand Breaks or Donor DNA
01.24.20 Beata Mackenroth (Alani Lab) DNA Double-Strand Breaks in Telophase Lead to Coalescence Between Segregated Sister Chromatid Loci
02.14.20 Carolline Ascenção (Smolka Lab) TRIP13 Regulates DNA Repair Pathway Choice Through REV7 Conformational Change
02.28.20 Joe Peters (Peters Lab) Selective Loading and Processing of Prespacers for Precise CRISPR Adaptation
03.13.20 Gianno Pannafino (Alani Lab) Principles of Meiotic Chromosome Assembly Revealed in S. cerevisiae
Note: Meiosis in Quarantine will replace R3 Journal club through July 30th - Contact James Bender for more information.