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Cell Wall Stress Responses in Bacillus subtilis:

The regulatory network of the bacitracin stimulon


This site contains Figures 1S, 2S, 3S and Table 1S, as referred to and described in the paper. In addition we have posted:

§        A detailed protocol of the Long-Flanking Homology (LFH-)PCR used to generate the allelic replacement mutants described in the paper (LFH-PCR.doc) plus a table of all general primers (LFH-Primers.xls).

§        All Microarray datasets used in this study.


The microarray datasets are available in Microsoft Excel format. Each file includes three spread sheets: (1) Raw, unfiltered data, (2) the filtered data (generated according to Experimental Procedure) as well as (3) a graphical representation of the microarray experiment based on the filtered data set. The graph legend is as given in the figure legends for Fig.1 and 4 in the paper.

The filtered data contains our regulon annotation. This is an ongoing project and is based on the available published material including unverified data sets based on microarray work only. It was as accurate as possible at the date of posting, but might be outdated soon after… This annotation can thereby serve as an indication only and has to be verified in all cases of doubt! Any comments, corrections etc. are greatly appreciated!


  1. Adobe acrobat reader is available as freeware to view adobe acrobat files at the company website. (
  2. All genes annotated  by Subtilist annotation as of 8/30/2000.
  3. For details on data filter and analysis please see: Mascher et al. (2003) Cell wall stress responses in Bacillus subtilis: the regulatory network of the bacitracin stimulon.  Molecular Microbiology.  (In press at the time of posting this web site)


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